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"Skype Push to Talk" - this program allows you to assign any button to activate the microphone in Skype.

"Skype Push to Talk" (hereinafter the program) Recommended for use in work and games. With this program, you can include a microphone Skype, only when ready to talk, with no confidential information will not be heard. Of particular importance when using the group calls in Skype.

Skype has a built-in function to assign keys to activate or deactivate the microphone, then why need this program? First Skype does not allow to activate the microphone - push key unless you switch to this mode manually microphone. Secondly built-in function to intercept keystrokes on Skype often does not work in games or applications. Third Skype does not allow to assign to activate additional mouse button (unless they emulate the buttons on the keyboard). Skype is converted into an analogue the TeamSpeak, Ventrillo or RaidCall.

  • Program work only with classic Skype version (windowed Skype). Not supported metro Skype application;
  • Official free version, not for business;
  • A possibility to assign any mouse, keyboard or joystick (except the left mouse button). In this case, Skype does not allow to assign keys (only if the mouse to emulate keys on the keyboard);
  • The program automatically disables the microphone in first moment your talk (Skype does not make). You can not worry - the default microphone is turned off;
  • The program can automatically at startup, increase the priority of processes for myself and Skype, in case there is a delay in response games;
  • The program uses the API functions of Skype, which makes it compatible with all future versions of Skype;
  • The program can be run continuously and is hidden in the system tray;
  • There are options when you click on the icon in the system tray;
  • Added the ability to run automatically when Windows starts;
  • The program is distributed "as is" and author assumes no responsibility for any damage.

After the upgrade, the interface may differ from that shown in the video

How to use:

1) When you run the program if Skype is not running you'll get a request to launch Skype (Pic. 1). It is recommended to start Skype when you first start the program, it is necessary to further customize.

Pic. 1

2) After the launch Skype (if you first launch the program) go in to Skype. Here you have to allow the program to access the functions of Skype. This is done as shown in Pic 2.
Warning! To providing access to the Skype, program can not continue further work.

Skype Push ti Talk access to Skype
Pic. 2

Interface description:

Option "High prioroty mode"
- raises the priority of processes, programm and Skype to high. This is necessary when using full-screen games requiring high performance. In some cases, the program may require Administrator privileges.
The option "Disable messages" - is to ignore the various pop-up messages occur in the operation of the program. It is recommended to enable this option when the program is set up and tested in the work.


    • Release
    • Fixed problem with memory consumption
    • Greatly reduced consumption of resources
    • Reduced load on standby
  •  (Date 29.03.2015)
    • The program has received the icon displayed in the system tray, with indication of the status of the microphone
    • Clicking on the program icon in the system tray, enable or disable tracking hotkeys
    • Added ability to autorun when Windows starts
    • Added the ability to auto-hide the program in the system tray when you start Windows
    • Added the ability to hide the program in the system tray when minimized programs or close the main window (optional)
    • Added the ability to automatically check for new versions of software (requires access the site

Added settings window


Icon in the system tray shows the status of the microphone


  Download file

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